Programs Brought To You From The Team At Oakwood Health

The Oakwood Health Network (OHN)  is one of North America’s top men’s sexual health clinics.  OHN practitioners are experts, with over 30 years experience.

Patients of OHN pay up to $6000 for customized treatment plans and now, you can access that same expertise, right from your phone.

Multi Strategy Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction is often multifactorial – which is just a medical way of saying that the source of the problem is usually more than one thing. ED can be caused by any one of the following, but is most often a combination of them:

  • Poor Blood Flow
  • Stress, Anxiety or Depression
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Nerve Damage
  • Medication Side Effects

Unfortunately, if ED is caused by a more than one thing, that means no one treatment will fix it.  

The good news? The practitioners at Oakwood Health are experts at multi-strategy treatment and all that knowledge has gone into HARDR. programs.

Our Misson

We’ve made it our mission to make the concierge treatment Oakwood Health provides to their clinic patients more affordable and accessible.

We’ve used our expertise, developed over years of clinical practice, and put it into the HARDR. programs and app.  

We believe good sexual health is not just a ‘nice to have’ but, in fact, necessary for optimal physical and mental health.

Our Two Driving Values

1. We do our best to lead with empathy. We know when a man deals with sexual dysfunction, it causes a tremendous amount of stress in their life. Did you know that men with ED are 192% more at risk for depression? Our users and patients deserve empathy and understanding.

2. Everything we do is driven by science. HARDR. doesn’t recommend anything without having the medical research to support that recommendation. Our users and patients deserve the most accurate and up-to-date strategies. 

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